Websites can be vital – if you get them exactly RIGHT!

Websites can be very important, but only if you get them exactly right – including the ideal domain name for you, writes author and former Sky TV executive Tony Flood.

I have been lucky enough to have what I consider to be three excellent #websites designed for my requirements, and you may like to look at them to get some #ideas about not only #design but also #content, #links, useful #information and #advice!

To see examples of what I hope you will agree are good, distinctive websites (and some great book bargains, signed by the authors), please check out:  and

My publishers Xlibris are so confident that my #spicy #crime #thriller Triple Tease will be a success that they have given me a dynamic modified website in  It contains links to several book bargains, as well as a special offer for TRIPLE TEASE.

#Triple #Tease, endorsed by international best selling author #Peter #James, TV star #Brian #Capron and the #Sun newspaper’s Stuart Pink, sees super delicious heroine Katrina takes revenge for the assault on her sister. She then challenges suspicious copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap. Katrina goes on a date with the main suspect and puts her life in danger. There’s another murder as the plot twists and turns to reach a totally unexpected climax.

RAVE REVIEWS include: ‘Talented former journalist Tony Flood makes an exciting entry into the world of crime writing by treating thriller fans to a Triple Tease’– says PETER JAMES, international best selling crime author.

‘This brilliant thriller is wickedly funny, steamily sexy and impossible to put down’ – says PATRICK KEARNS, director.

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Of course, the designs of these websites are not suitable for everyone. My main aim has been to achieve maximum impact, but some authors, or #businessmen and women, may prefer a more subtle approach. So please let me have your views, including constructive #criticism and #advice, because I, too, am happy to learn from others and improve!

You may also have views about choosing the ideal domain name – my advice would be to go for something short and easy to remember. That’s why I went for http://www.crimeandpassion


Actor Brian Capron, who is starring this week in the Talking Scarlet production Strictly Murder at Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, has said he would love to play the compassionate copper in local author Tony Flood’s thriller Triple Tease.

Flood’s book has been endorsed by best selling author Peter James, and talks are being held to turn it into a stage play like some of James’ own thrillers.

Capron, who lives in Hove and starred as killer Richard Hillman in Coronation Street, declares: “If Triple Tease makes it to the stage or screen DCI Livermore would be a great character to bring to life, with me playing him, of course.”

Eastbourne author Flood adds: “If that did happen I would be delighted to see Brian play DCI Harvey Livermore. He would be ideal for the part of a policeman faced with the ethical dilemma of ‘do the ends justify the means?’

DCI Livermore is challenged by gorgeous heroine Katrina Merton to ignore the rule book and let her help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap.”

Director Alan Baker says: “Triple Tease would make a first-class TV thriller, and I can see actors like Brian Capron and Stephen Tompkinson queueing up for the lead male role of the under pressure, tough yet vulnerable DCI Livermore.”

Signed copies of Triple Tease can be obtained for the specially reduced price of £6.99, including postage, by sending a cheque, payable to ‘Sportsworld Communications’, to Special Book Offer, 24 Brisbane Quay, Eastbourne, BN23 5PD.

Further details are available from and

* Brian Clemens thriller Strictly Murder is at Devonshire Park Thursday from April 6th to Saturday April 8th.


by Tony Flood

Some people say that unless a book has a lot of reviews they will not buy it. But I believe they can often be misled by using this criteria and may miss out on some really great books!

The problem is that sites such as #Amazon and #Goodreads, while excellent in many respects, sometimes cause #confusion by putting up three or four versions of the SAME book. A lot of authors experience this, and it is the case with my celebrity revelations MY LIFE WITH THE STARS, fantasy adventure THE SECRET POTION and spicy crime thriller TRIPLE TEASE.

Reviewers may not have time to copy their review on all four versions, so one version could have up to 20 reviews and another version have only two or three.

Those potential readers looking at a book may click on the version with only two or three reviews and never be aware that the same book has 20 more reviews elsewhere on the site.

Another possible flaw when readers just go on the number of reviews is they may not take into consideration that a book has been given loads of #five-star ratings by people who did not have time to post a review as well as a rating.

This is worth considering if the book you are looking at appeals to you.

I also suggest you look on authors’ websites to get a better idea. You can check out mine at and


By Tony Flood, award-winning author of celebrity book My Life With The Stars, thriller Triple Tease and fantasy adventure The Secret Potion.

How many people are influenced by reviews before they buy a product on-line, particularly a book on Amazon or other sites?

The experts say that potential customers are greatly #influenced by #book #reviews.   ARE YOU?

And, if so, what is the minimum number of good reviews you would expect to see?  Does it come down to QUANTITY v QUALITY?

See the statistics quoted – and views given – on my site, and please add your opinion.

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