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The dreaded virus has been a real curse but two of the good things isolation has done is encourage people to read and listen to music more often.

A guide to books and music is given by ChatandSpin radio and, as an author, I will be interviewed by two of their regular hosts Ron Clark and Ian Johnson on Tuesday (April 28th) at 6.40pm (NEW TIME).

It will be short and sweet and I’ll be talking about my crime thrillers TRIPLE TEASE and STITCH UP! (due out soon) and my celebrity book MY LIFE WITH THE STARS – SIZZLING SECRETS SPILLED!

You may be interested to hear what #Des #O’Connor told me was the biggest put down he ever received from #Eric #Morecambe and about my meetings with #Muhammad #Ali and ‘George #Best. And I’ll also be talking about startling revelations given to me by contacts in Las Vegas about #Elvis #Presley.  The truth may shock you.

So listen at 6.40pm on Tuesday (or catch up afterwards) on


Authors Tony and Heather Flood are offering FREE copies of their books to people who are fed-up being stuck at home during the Coronavirus ‘lock-in’.

Former Fleet Street journalist and Sky TV executive Tony’s celebrity book My Life Wih the Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled! is available #FREE as an e-version on UNTIL MIDNIGHT TODAY, SUNDAY (March 29). It is packed full of revelations and amusing anecdotes about #showbiz and #sports #stars including #Eric #Morecambe, #Kylie #Minogue, #George #Best, #Elvis #Presley, #Muhammad #Ali, #Simon #Cowell, #David #Walliams, Frank Bruno and #Harry #Redknapp.

It is currently No.1 in the Amazon best sellers in one category and No. 2 in another category. The link is:

Heather’s fantasy adventure Purple Mist will be free as a Kindle e-version the following weekend, Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5 on while Tony will offer his fantasy adventure Secret Potion free on on the weekend of April 11 and 12.

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Why are crime dramas so popular.

Padmini sums it up by saying: Crime dramas are crucial as they groom children about the threats and that the life is not always a fairy tale. Padmini and other writers and readers can give their views on this and other topics by visiting:

Padmini Writes.

Media is always trying to mousetrap more and more crowd. They have tried various genres of production, most popular of these being the crime dramas.

Crime dramas have a lot of audience because of many reasons.

Some watch because these kind of shows mimic the contemporaneous ballgame. Watching these they become attuned of what is happening outside the doors of their houses. They want to train their children accordingly so that they do not fall in the abyss of these situations, or even if they do, they can outlive.

Others may watch because the crime dramas are full of riddles and suspense. To many these dramas serve as a good time kill.

Some crime dramas are based on the genuine cases. People want to know what actually happened about the case the had been seeing on television and reading in the newspaper.

I can acutely call to mind the days…

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The New Year list of book releases, sent out by #Goodreads, is very much a mixed bag, writes Tony Flood.
It is vital that #authors choose the ideal #titles and front cover #designs, but, unfortunately, I feel that several have failed to do so.
Whereas I like those of thriller MR. NOBODY by Catherine Steadman, young adult book ONE OF US IS NEXT by Karen M. McManus and romance LOVE HER OR LOSE HER by Tessa Bailey, I don’t think others, such as THE BETTER LIAR and BIG LIES IN A SMALL TOWN have got the mix quite right.
Perhaps authors would like to take this opportunity to make a comment below this article, telling us about their book – and why they feel they have got the mix right – or they can do so on by visiting:

Readers are also welcome to give their views.


The ‘Pub Landlord’ #Al #Murray says: “My Life With The Stars is full of amusing anecdotes and sizzling secrets about BIG names from showbiz and sport,” while #Anita #Harris declares: “Tony Flood has come up with virtually an A to Z of so many showbiz and sports stars from #Peter #Andre to #David #Walliams – and tells great stories about them! Fans young and old should love it.”
#Frank #Bruno adds: “Former journalist Tony Flood recalls some knockout anecdotes about his meetings with me and #Muhammad #Ali. He also has plenty of stories about #George #Best, #Bobby #Moore, #Bobby #Charlton, #Harry #Redknapp, #Kenny #Dalglish, #Sir #Alex #Ferguson, #Elvis #Presley, #Eric #Morecambe, #Joan #Collins, #Frank #Sinatra, #Kylie #Minogue and many more!”

Marketing experts PublishingPush are recommending the book to bloggers, reviewers and media contacts. They say: “Former Fleet Street journalist and Sky Television executive Tony Flood provides more revelations and amusing anecdotes in the second edition of his celebrity book, which includes a lot of additional content, not published in the earlier version, about some of the biggest names in showbiz and sport.

“Tony spills the beans on the musical legend who had a penchant for teenage girls in white panties, the female singer whose cure for settling stage nerves was revealed when the curtain rose on her being spanked by members of the band, and the world-famous star who suffered a mental breakdown. There are also laughs galore in stories about a host of funny men, from Eric Morecambe to Joe Pasquale.

“There’s tragedy, too, as Flood recounts his exclusive interview with devastated #Liverpool goalkeeper #Bruce #Grobbelaar immediately after the Hillsborough disaster, and #Bobby #Charlton’s emotional memories of how #Manchester #United rose from the ashes of the Munich air crash”

Flood returns the favour by recommending PublishingPush to both those writers who need help getting published and experienced authors who want to spread the word about their books. He says: “PublishingPush provide superb advice plus professionally written, detailed posts and press releases which they send to their vast number of contacts. These include endorsements, a synopsis and extracts. Charles, Kim and Claire do a great job for their clients, and another good example is how they are publicising A Policeman’s Lot by T.J. Walter.

Charles Finley, the Publishing Consultant at Publishing Push, comments: “Writing a book is tough, and promoting your work can be even harder. There remain two key elements to getting your bookselling. Social proof in the form of reviews and awareness about your book. PublishingPush can help you source reviews and grow your awareness digitally, through social media and traditional press.” Mr Finley can be contacted at

In the case of #My #Life #With #the #Stars, #PublishingPush has been able to use some excellent endorsements from celebrities to encourage others to write reviews and publish extracts from the book.

Former Manchester United manager #Tommy #Docherty declares: “Tony Flood gives a new insight into many of the scandals that have gone on in sport, show business and newspapers. And there are some rib-tickling quotes from Harry Redknapp and yours truly.”

Comedian #Tim #Vine adds: “Tony Flood’s book is full of funny and fascinating anecdotes from his many brushes with the rich and famous. What shines through is his love of the crazy world of entertainment and the extraordinary people in it.”

BELOW are two excerpts from My Life With the Stars: Sizzling Secrets Spilled!:


Showbiz pals were targets for Eric Morecambe’s impish fun.

Eric Morecambe had a wicked sense of humour, both on and off stage. And some of his showbiz friends were on the receiving end, particularly Des O’Connor.

When I met Des and watched him perform in Eastbourne he revealed Eric’s biggest ‘put down’. He recalled: “I once told Eric I had done a one-man show and he replied ‘Let’s hope two turn up next time.”

Fiona Castle, the widow of popular entertainer Roy Castle, also tells how some of Eric’s impish fun was at her expense after appearing with Morecambe and Wise at the Coventry Hippodrome where she was a dancer in the chorus.

Fiona, who was giving one of her talks when I met her at the Langham Hotel, Eastbourne, let slip to Eric that she was a big fan of the multi-talented Roy and would love to meet him. So some time later Eric invited her to a TV show to introduce her to Roy.

But he embarrassed her by saying: “Roy, this is Fiona, and she’s in love with you.”

She then learned that Eric had been even more outrageous when he had set up the meeting. He had told Roy: “I’ve got this sad little case coming to see you. She has braces and a pigtail – try to be nice to her.”


I met George Best a couple of times socially and on the second occasion I was asked by one of his sexy female admirers to hand him her G-string, wrapped around a key, so that she could try to lure him into her bedroom.

But my biggest memory of Best was playing with him in a benefit match for former Charlton Athletic goal-scoring hero Derek Hales. I will relate this amusing story first and come to the foxy lady a little later!

My appearance with the Irish genius was also memorable for another Charlton player, Steve Gritt, who later became the club’s joint manager.

Gritt wrote in the club programme: “It was a massive coup to get George along. The one thing I remember about the game was that a reporter called Tony Flood came on at half-time and followed George around for 45 minutes. It was like he was shadow-marking him – but they were on the same team!”

That’s how much in awe of Best I was at the time!

He had lost his acceleration, but I was able to see his magic footwork at close hand as he glided past opponents as if they weren’t there. It was a master class in ball control and, needless to say, there were several goals created or scored that day by the former Manchester United legend, arguably the greatest player of his era.

I don’t think I contributed much, apart from one ‘golden’ moment. I actually played a return pass to Best to help set up one of the goals, which left me well chuffed! I was extremely grateful to the organiser Michael La Roche for inviting me to play in this star-studded match at Welling United’s ground on May 5, 1985, simply on the basis that I was reasonably well known locally as a journalist who covered Charlton’s matches.

My other team-mates and I saw Best naked in the showers afterwards – and he still looked in pretty good shape to us, even though he was well past his prime and loved drinking.

But my admiration for George was nothing compared to what the ladies felt for him. I was present on another occasion when a leggy lady went to great lengths to get him into her bed.


Derek “Del Boy” Trotter from Only Fools And Horses could give Theresa May some useful tips on getting a good #Brexit #deal.

The Sun on Sunday has published the Peckham wheeler-dealer turned author’s guide to leaving the EU prior to the launch of his new book (see BELOW),

But surely the most typical #Del #Boy ploy would be to tell ‘Claude Chunker’ and his Brussels cronies: “Give us what we want, mate, or you can forget us paying you a £40 billion divorce bill. We won’t care what you do to us because we’ll be £40 billion better off.”

If Del Boy was calling the shots, he would also no doubt scrap the £14 billion we pay in #foreign #aid. This is as a result of the crazy David Cameron-era commitment to donate 0.7 per cent of our GDP while our own people try to cope with roads full of potholes, over-crowded hospitals and lack of housing.

Del Boy: You Know It Makes Sense – Lessons from the Derek Trotter School of Business (and Life), Ebury Press, comes out on November 1, £20. The book has been written by Jim Sullivan, son of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ creator John Sullivan.

The other Del Boy tips for Theresa May can be found on my website:

There’s also some great information and stories on website: These include how the “break a leg” greeting by theatricals backfired badly on an actor who did just that and the show’s opening night had to be postponed!

And for book bargains visit: and



  • Publisher Andrews UK is offering two #exciting #revised e-book additions to popular fantasy adventures by husband and wife authors Tony and Heather Flood.
  • The revised edition of Heather Flood’s Mousey Mousey and the Witches’ Spells includes an extra new adventure and is aimed for children aged from four to 10. The little lady mouse has been hailed as the most loveable young children’s character since Beaxtrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, and as cute as the mouse in Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. Glowing reviews include those from fellow authors and actor Jeffrey Holland of Hi-de-Hi fame.
  • Tony Flood’s revised fantasy adventure Jody Richards and the Secret Potion has been endorsed by best-selling author Jessica Duchen and actress June Whitfield, who say it is ideal for children (and adults) seeking more magic, thrills and humour post Harry Potter.
  • You can obtain these new e-versions for the #bargain price of just £1.99 each by going to the following links:
  • Mousey Mousey:
  • Secret Potion:

Andrews UK’s revised digital editions take advantage of newer features developed for e-readers since the original launch.

Special offers of reduced-priced signed copies of Tony and Heather’s books are available on and including the extra chapter in Heather’s Mousey Mousey adventure.


Eastbourne author Heather Flood, best known for her Mousey Mousey children’s books and as a creative writing tutor at Alice Croft House Over 50s Club, Eastbourne, adds her own special tribute to those marking the #First #World #War #centenary.

She reveals how #Winston #Churchill, who, at the outbreak of war in 1914, was serving as First Lord of the Admiralty, tried to boost the morale of our poorly fed and badly supported sailors. But his visit and ‘rousing speech’ #backfired because they were too short.

Heather says: “At a time when the UK is staging events to commemorate 100 years since the end of the conflict and remembering the bravery of those who fought, lived and died in the First World War, it is appropriate for me to reveal the part played by my grandfather William Henry Wilson.

“So I am providing passages taken from handwritten diaries by William, a Cockney who was born in 1892 in Poplar, East London. His memories of the First World War are very enlightening and tell how unprepared, #badly #supported and #poorly #fed our #sailors were! The conditions on board our ships were #laughable compared to those on the American ships.”

WILLIAM HENRY WILSON’S STORY: “I joined the Royal Navy in November 1916. Our country had been at war with Germany for two years and many of my friends had joined earlier. Some of them had been killed.

I was a stoker on board the light battlecruiser HMS Inflexible, escorting convoys of food ships from Canada, and I spent most days in the bows of the ship. By the end of each day my skin was black and sometimes blistered, as it was too hot to wear many clothes.

We were berthed at Scapa Flow. At the beginning of the war, there were five battle squadrons at Scapa Flow consisting of 20 dreadnoughts, five battle-cruisers, and eight older capital ships. We worked hard, coaling up the ship. It took us five hours to get a good head of steam and it was like working at the Devil’s furnace.

Our rations on board were pitiful. We started the day with bread and jam or marmalade and a cup of tea. We could buy two pennyworths of broken biscuits and were given a daily ration of KI, which was chocolate, sliced off a big block. At 12.15 we had our daily ration of rum.

When we went on shore we looked around for a cafe to have a decent meal, but they had all been closed because of rationing. I went into a pub and asked the landlord if he had any bread and cheese, but he just laughed.

I went home on leave and surprised my family on the doorstep. I dropped my kit bag and asked my Mum Mariah to make a cup of tea, but she said there was no tea in the house. What a state of affairs. I was away at sea, escorting the conveys bringing food to England, and we had no tea.

I had brought some KI with me and gave it to my Dad Harry he loved it. The next morning I went out with my ration book and bought them tea, tinned milk, sugar and a leg of lamb.

America joined the war and their ships were anchored with us at Scapa Flow. We could spot the Yankee ships as they had trellis masks. They also had bands playing on the deck while in port, which was unheard of for us. Fifty of us Jacks were selected from all ranks to visit the American ships and I was among the lucky ones.

We all climbed aboard motor launches and as soon as we boarded their ships we were amazed at the comfort their sailors had. They provided us with refreshments and we noticed that there were three shops on board where their sailors could buy their clothes and boots. They had long tables in their Mess with soft chairs to sit on to eat their meals which were served to them by stewards. They had proper cups and saucers and teaspoons to stir their tea. Their dressers had slots to put the plates so that they did not slide around, and every man had a mirror fitted to his bulkhead so they could have a decent shave.

In a way, I was sorry that I had visited their ship. It upset me, and my mates, to think what awful conditions we had to endure, and we were the “Boys of the Bulldog Breed”.

Ours was supposed to be the greatest Navy in the world. I began to think I was in the wrong Navy.

When we returned the compliment and invited the Americans on board our ships I hung my head in shame, as they were shown around the Inflexible.

One of their Jacks told me that there would be a mutiny if they had to put up with such bad conditions. I began to hate the Navy. We were being asked to sacrifice our lives and they could not even give us a decent meal.”

Elsewhere in his diaries, William Henry Wilson said: “Winston Churchill came abroad the cruiser Australia for a courtesy visit. About 50 men were chosen to board the Australia from the Inflexible and I was one of them. Churchill made a very short speech, I suppose to keep our peckers up. But one of the Jacks shouted: “Is that all you have to say, Winston?”


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