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Chernobyl: 30 Years On — PZF Photography

Tony Flood has highlighted a WordPress posting by Krista of an original post by Peter Zarko-Flynn.

The world’s worst nuclear accident occurred at Chernobyl in, what was then, the USSR in the early hours of 26 April 1986 but we did not hear about it in the UK until some days later, when Swedish scientists detected abnormally high levels of radiation in their atmosphere.

Due to the secrecy of the Soviet Union, it took some additional time before the enormity of the accident became apparent, by which time a cloud of radiation had already swept across the north-west coast of England and poured its contaminated rain down upon us.

I still have a vivid memory of sitting in my Politics ‘O’ Level class and my teacher, Mr McLoughlin, talking to us about the reactor burning out of control and how it may sink into the earth. It struck me that this was a disaster beyond anything I had experienced in my life, at that point. And that memory, from a day in my final year of secondary school, has never left me.

I continued to think about Chernobyl over the years but my interest was seriously reignited after I met my husband. His family originally come from Ukraine and he still has close relatives in Kiev, which is only a two-hour drive from Chernobyl. We visited them shortly after we met and, as we sat down for Easter dinner, they told us how they had to flee Kiev for three years due to fears about radiation from the disaster. During that visit, we found out that it was possible to take an official tour of the exclusion zone and we pledged that we would do it on our next visit.

This year, on 26 January 2016, almost 30 years after the disaster, we fulfilled that pledge.

Details of this visit can be found

via Chernobyl: 30 Years On — PZF Photography

We are told that, despite the potential radiation exposure, there are a few women still living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. But this tragedy was so horrific that it is unlikely humans will be able to properly settle back there for tens of thousands of years. I have referred in another blog on this site BELOW to how we should be grateful to have escaped such tragedies. We should be thankful also that we have not found ourselves in a similar plight to that of the McCann family and the SAS officer put in prison for keeping a gun as a reminder of his brave colleagues.



by Tony Flood, author of crime thriller Triple Tease and celebrity book My Life With The Stars

Whenever we feel sorry for ourselves we ought to reflect upon how lucky we are compared to the parents of Madeleine McCann or the #SAS hero who has been jailed for keeping a souvenir gun.

Every day must be a living hell for Kate and Gerry McCann, who have spent nine years searching for Madeleine since she disappeared, aged almost four, from her bed in a holiday apartment at Algarve resort Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

To add to their grief ex-cop Goncalo Amaral has won his appeal against an earlier ruling where he had to pay the #McCanns £360,000 and £76,000 in interest for claiming in a book that they were responsible for her death and faked her abduction..

Amaral, who led the bungled hunt for their daughter, has since won a libel appeal against them. The decision means Amaral’s book, ‘The Truth of the Lie’, which is banned in the UK, could potentially go on sale in Portugal again.

Kate and Gerry originally sued over two defamatory allegations.

How tragic life has been for the McCanns and their daughter.

Another example of gross unfairness is that of former paratrooper Albert Patterson who was sentenced to 15 months for possessing a 9mm pistol – a war trophy which was taken from an Argentine officer during the Falklands War.

He said he had kept the weapon to remind him of 22 friends who died in the conflict.

Politicians and top military brass have called for the war veteran to be released.

So next time we get a parking ticket, miss a train or are overlooked for promotion we should thank our lucky stars we are not in the unfortunate shoes of Albert Patterson or the McCanns!




The influence of eccentric pop star #Prince, who tragically died at just 57, was so great that Eastbourne author Tony Flood even modeled one of the characters in his new sexy crime thriller Triple Tease on the musical icon.

Guardian Review | Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

It’s been a problem with some of the actors, too. For me Pierce Brosnan has given the best James Bond portrayal with the perfect mix of sophistication, charm, humour and ruthlessness. Daniel Craig can’t get the mix right! The characters in my spicy crime thriller Triple Tease have all these!

Sarah Ditum


James Bond seems to have become a problem. Obviously, a literary character that generates billions of dollars over more than six decades is not the worst sort of problem to have, but he presents a problem all the same. Since the death of Ian Fleming in 1964, Bond has passed through the hands of numerous authors – four of them since 2008. Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver and William Boyd wrote a single novel each, and now we get Trigger Mortis, Anthony Horowitz’s attempt at reviving the cold war relic. The truth is that, payday aside, stepping into Fleming’s blade-heeled brogues seems a thankless business. It’s not that Fleming is exactly inimitable, but the parts of his style that are easy to pastiche are also intolerably obnoxious, while the things that are worth copying are as elusive as they are distinctive.

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Eastbourne author Tony Flood’s sizzling new spicy crime thriller Triple Tease, which is set in both Eastbourne and Brighton, has received glowing reviews from actor Brian Capron of Coronation Street fame, and best selling local authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley.

Peter James declares: “Talented former journalist Tony Flood is making an exciting entry into the world of crime writing by treating thriller fans to a Triple Tease.”

And director-producer Patric Kearns, of ‘talking Scarlet Productions’, declares: “Triple Tease is a brilliant thriller. It’s also wickedly funny, steamily sexy and impossible to put down.”

Capron, who starred as murderer Richard Hillman in UK soap Coronation Street, loves the way drop dead gorgeous heroine Katrina Merton risks her life by helping to expose a serial killer who has brought fear to women throughout East Sussex.

Capron says: “Triple Tease tells how super delicious heroine Katrina takes revenge for the assault on her sister and comes under suspicion from the police. She then challenges compassionate copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap.

“Katrina goes on a date with the main suspect, and there’s another murder as the plot twists and turns to reach a totally unexpected and pulsating climax.”

Flood, who has worked for the Sunday People and Sunday Express and was Controller of Information at Sky Television, says: “I am probably best known as the author of celebrity book My Life With The Stars, which is full of revealing and amusing anecdotes about Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Joan Collins, Britt Ekland, Mohammad Ali, George Best and other personalities I interviewed. It was so well received that the e-version got to No. 1 in its category on the 100 best books on Amazon.
As Peter James says, this is my first venture into crime writing. My first fictional book, fantasy adventure The Secret Potion, was aimed at a younger market, though it was also enjoyed by many adults after being recommended by actress June Whitfield for Harry Potter fans.
Triple Tease is mainly a crime thriller but is also laced with humour and steamy sex scenes. I have not included these scenes just to titillate – they are very important to the story and the characters in it.”
This much acclaimed book, which has also been recommended by authors Emmy Yoshida and Francis Wait and actor Alan Baker, is available from the Xlibris website on as well as Amazon as a paperback, hardback and e-version on

Readers of this blog can receive signed copies at a special £4 reduction by sending cheques for £8.99 (including postage and packing) made payable to Sportsworld Communications, and addressed to: Special Book Offer, 24 Brisbane Quay, Eastbourne, BN23 5PD.

Tony Flood says: “Apart from the thrills and the sex scenes in Triple Tease, I have also injected a lot of humour. I’ve even sent myself up in one chapter as the exuberant chairman of Anderida Writers!”

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