by Tony Flood, author of spicy crime thriller Triple Tease and celebrity revelations book My Life With the Stars (

Authors and readers can benefit from joining the UK Crime Book Club and the One Stop Fiction Book Club.

Those who like #thrillers and #murder #mysteries should check out UK Crime Book Club, a site to celebrate all UK based crime writing, authors and readers

Crime fans who join the club can discuss, review and see plenty of offers. The link is:

Look out for postings and books recommended by David Gilchrist and Kathryn Bax, as well as Rob Crouch’s new thriller No Accident (being launched this month) and Tony Flood’s spicy crime thriller Triple Tease, recommended by the Sun newspaper’s Stuart Pink, best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley and actor Brian Capron of Coronation Street fame.

One Stop #Fiction Book Club, where free books are available for those wishing to provide reviews, can be found on

Kathryn Bax says she runs this site to enable authors to help each other in giving advice and tips on book #marketing, social #media etc. The site has more than 300 members, and the first 500 will be eligible to be invited to enjoy a year’s #free marketing for a new website coming out in September – and the ability to showcase their work for free for the lifetime of the website.

Kathryn Bax explains: “Members out of the 500 will be invited. We aim to have a high standard for inclusion which will be determined by a number of variables. If you are included then you would be offered a free year of not only being on the site where you can showcase all your books under your genre and be included on pages where we match other authors in the group who write similar books to yourself to increase sales for everyone, but you would also be advertised through our weekly newsletters to subscribers when your books are either reduced or free.
“Each member will be given a profile page which we expect you to write the material for, provide a photo and a link to your books and this is where you can converse with your readers, if you so wish. A
“As an add-on paid service you can have a 4 or 8 page static author website which we will maintain for you for a year, renewable thereafter, and we will also create FB author pages for you etc. In addition to that we will be providing a stable of editors, book cover designers, formatters, and people to help you publish your book. If you would like to know how to publish your book, how to get the best out of social media, how to market your book, etc. we will be putting together a video course for this purpose. We will also be providing launch teams to help you get your book off the ground.”
Meanwhile, you might like to get signed copies of spicy crime thriller Triple Tease or celebrity revelations book My Life With The Stars at specially reduced prices from


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