Overusing the word ‘sorry’ can appear insincere and/or make you look a bit of a walkover, as is correctly stated by Janet Hill, the Editor of #MeMeMe – online wellbeing magazine.

Janet refers to Emma Holmes of Coaching Rockstars having written a powerful exploration of the language we use – often without even thinking about it – and how it can have an effect on our mindset, confidence and self-esteem.

But I would point out that it’s good to say #sorry when you mean it because you know you are in the #wrong. …
A lot of #celebrities and #politicians might benefit greatly from doing just that – instead of trying to gloss over their mistakes.

The alternative, of course, is to keep your mouth shut. Perhaps #Donald #Trump should try that sometimes!

Talking of celebrities’ mistakes, you may like to go to and also tell your friends to visit my Facebook page on…/…

Meanwhile, can anyone give any examples of when saying ‘sorry’ can be a very good or very bad idea?

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