Peter Sellers was rebuffed when he tried to carry on with Liz Fraser

by Tony Flood, author of My Life With the Stars, The Secret Potion and Triple Tease.

It’s amazing that many male film stars are so smooth and sophisticated on screen, particularly in love scenes, but in real life they show no finesse at all! Apparently, #Peter #Sellers was a classic example when he tried it on with actresses – and he was firmly rebuffed by #Liz #Fraser.

You can put that away,” the Carry On star told him when he unzipped his trousers, intent on having #sex after inviting her to dine in his trailer.

He did as she instructed and told her: “I think you’d better go.”

But she retorted: “Not only have you behaved inappropriately but you’re now going back on your promise to give me a wonderful dinner. I’m not going to leave without having my dinner.”

So they ate three courses in silence.

Liz, who died aged 88 on September 6th, 2018, said: “Peter was such a rogue. He boasted about having an affair with Sophia Loren when they starred in The Millionairess in 1960. He was so excited he told his wife Anne Howe, and was surprised when she threw him out of the house.”

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