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BELOW are two excerpts from My Life With the Stars: Sizzling Secrets Spilled!:


Showbiz pals were targets for Eric Morecambe’s impish fun.

Eric Morecambe had a wicked sense of humour, both on and off stage. And some of his showbiz friends were on the receiving end, particularly Des O’Connor.

When I met Des and watched him perform in Eastbourne he revealed Eric’s biggest ‘put down’. He recalled: “I once told Eric I had done a one-man show and he replied ‘Let’s hope two turn up next time.”

Fiona Castle, the widow of popular entertainer Roy Castle, also tells how some of Eric’s impish fun was at her expense after appearing with Morecambe and Wise at the Coventry Hippodrome where she was a dancer in the chorus.

Fiona, who was giving one of her talks when I met her at the Langham Hotel, Eastbourne, let slip to Eric that she was a big fan of the multi-talented Roy and would love to meet him. So some time later Eric invited her to a TV show to introduce her to Roy.

But he embarrassed her by saying: “Roy, this is Fiona, and she’s in love with you.”

She then learned that Eric had been even more outrageous when he had set up the meeting. He had told Roy: “I’ve got this sad little case coming to see you. She has braces and a pigtail – try to be nice to her.”


I met George Best a couple of times socially and on the second occasion I was asked by one of his sexy female admirers to hand him her G-string, wrapped around a key, so that she could try to lure him into her bedroom.

But my biggest memory of Best was playing with him in a benefit match for former Charlton Athletic goal-scoring hero Derek Hales. I will relate this amusing story first and come to the foxy lady a little later!

My appearance with the Irish genius was also memorable for another Charlton player, Steve Gritt, who later became the club’s joint manager.

Gritt wrote in the club programme: “It was a massive coup to get George along. The one thing I remember about the game was that a reporter called Tony Flood came on at half-time and followed George around for 45 minutes. It was like he was shadow-marking him – but they were on the same team!”

That’s how much in awe of Best I was at the time!

He had lost his acceleration, but I was able to see his magic footwork at close hand as he glided past opponents as if they weren’t there. It was a master class in ball control and, needless to say, there were several goals created or scored that day by the former Manchester United legend, arguably the greatest player of his era.

I don’t think I contributed much, apart from one ‘golden’ moment. I actually played a return pass to Best to help set up one of the goals, which left me well chuffed! I was extremely grateful to the organiser Michael La Roche for inviting me to play in this star-studded match at Welling United’s ground on May 5, 1985, simply on the basis that I was reasonably well known locally as a journalist who covered Charlton’s matches.

My other team-mates and I saw Best naked in the showers afterwards – and he still looked in pretty good shape to us, even though he was well past his prime and loved drinking.

But my admiration for George was nothing compared to what the ladies felt for him. I was present on another occasion when a leggy lady went to great lengths to get him into her bed.