Why are crime dramas so popular.

Padmini sums it up by saying: Crime dramas are crucial as they groom children about the threats and that the life is not always a fairy tale. Padmini and other writers and readers can give their views on this and other topics by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/EXCHANGINGTIPS/

Padmini Writes.

Media is always trying to mousetrap more and more crowd. They have tried various genres of production, most popular of these being the crime dramas.

Crime dramas have a lot of audience because of many reasons.

Some watch because these kind of shows mimic the contemporaneous ballgame. Watching these they become attuned of what is happening outside the doors of their houses. They want to train their children accordingly so that they do not fall in the abyss of these situations, or even if they do, they can outlive.

Others may watch because the crime dramas are full of riddles and suspense. To many these dramas serve as a good time kill.

Some crime dramas are based on the genuine cases. People want to know what actually happened about the case the had been seeing on television and reading in the newspaper.

I can acutely call to mind the days…

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The New Year list of book releases, sent out by #Goodreads, is very much a mixed bag, writes Tony Flood.
It is vital that #authors choose the ideal #titles and front cover #designs, but, unfortunately, I feel that several have failed to do so.
Whereas I like those of thriller MR. NOBODY by Catherine Steadman, young adult book ONE OF US IS NEXT by Karen M. McManus and romance LOVE HER OR LOSE HER by Tessa Bailey, I don’t think others, such as THE BETTER LIAR and BIG LIES IN A SMALL TOWN have got the mix quite right.
Perhaps authors would like to take this opportunity to make a comment below this article, telling us about their book – and why they feel they have got the mix right – or they can do so on by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/EXCHANGINGTIPS/

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