The dreaded virus has been a real curse but two of the good things isolation has done is encourage people to read and listen to music more often.

A guide to books and music is given by ChatandSpin radio and, as an author, I will be interviewed by two of their regular hosts Ron Clark and Ian Johnson on Tuesday (April 28th) at 6.40pm (NEW TIME).

It will be short and sweet and I’ll be talking about my crime thrillers TRIPLE TEASE and STITCH UP! (due out soon) and my celebrity book MY LIFE WITH THE STARS – SIZZLING SECRETS SPILLED!

You may be interested to hear what #Des #O’Connor told me was the biggest put down he ever received from #Eric #Morecambe and about my meetings with #Muhammad #Ali and ‘George #Best. And I’ll also be talking about startling revelations given to me by contacts in Las Vegas about #Elvis #Presley.  The truth may shock you.

So listen at 6.40pm on Tuesday (or catch up afterwards) on